Leg Pain & toothache

Thursday night, I started having pain in my right leg has heavy pain, pain along the inside of my leg, right side near knee. It hurt and aches. Leg pain can occur when I stand for long periods of time.

Treat my leg pain in the front of my shin ( the front of the leg below the knee ) with a heat pack – the pain. Treating pain with heat pack can be extremely effective and easily affordable.

Treat my toothache, to reduce pain and swelling of a toothache with an ice pack on the outside of my cheek or jaw, use a face cloth that’s been left in the freezer over the affected area;  do not use heat pack – the toothache.

Tennis ball hacks to release leg pain. Placing a tennis ball on the ground and gently rolling it under each foot for 1 to 5 minutes can help loosen up my leg pain. This gentle massage will give my soft feet muscles some relief.